Tech Specs

Here is the preferred tech specs for your deliverables to Selig for DCP encode.   



  • HD: 16:9 / 1.79 – 1920 x 1080 
  • Flat: 1.85 – 1998 x 1080 
  • Scope: 2 .35 – 2048 x 858 
  • Full: 2048 x 1080 
  • HD: 16:9 / 1.79 – 3840 x 2160 
  • Flat: 1.85 – 3996 x 2160 
  • Scope: 2.35 – 4096 x 1716 
  • Full Container: 4096 x 2160 




In most cases the audio and the video can be on one master file.  Most venues can play stereo and or 5.1   


Recommended Frame Rate: 

23.98 / 24 fps 



Recommended Master File Formats: 

  • ProRes 4444 XQ  
  • ProRes 4444  
  • ProRes 422 
  • ProRes 422HQ 



We DO NOT recommend any H.264 codecs.  If that is all you have please contact us and we will work with you.   



Questions? Need Help?

Got Questions about exporting your project for DCP?  Drop us a line!  Advice is always FREE.

The Selig DCP Process


Production and Post Production 

Once becoming our client, we will get to know you, your filmmaking team, your project and goals.  We will help you create a plan and timeline to get your film in our studio for DCP processing, testing and out the door to the festival or theatrical circuit.  If you are wanting to submit to a particular film festival or just festivals in general, we will help you navigate the process and help you get started. 

While your film is in post our team will be ready to take any questions or concerns that your post house may have.  We are always here for you and your team for a successful encode to DCP format. 


Getting The Film To Selig and The DCP Process 

Once your film is ready to leave your post house we assist in getting your film to us in a secure manner and start the DCP process.  During the DCP process we will keep you informed of the films progress and testing. 


Testing and Delivery 

All of the DCPs we strike are tested in-house but also at one of our theater partners in a real word setting.  Once your DCP has passed all of the tests we will mail your DCP to you or to the film festival of our choice. 


Support After Your DCP Leaves Selig 

With several hundred successful screenings of our DCPs at film festivals all over the world under our belt we are confident that you and the audiences will be satisfied with the quality of the DCP.  We stand behind our work 100% and if there is any problem or issue with your DCP we are there to assist you and the festival where you are screening.  We are just one phone call or email away. 

DCP Services

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DCP Pricing

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