Selig Polyscope Company Archive

From 1896 to the early 1920’s and since 2008, the Selig Polyscope story has been written into the book of life with our breakthrough motion picture inventions in filmmaking and its process, storytelling, films, and the Selig people who made Hollywood what it is today.  We receive hundreds of research requests a year for information about our past, our people, and our groundbreaking films.

Since there was an 85-year gap between the time the studio closed operations in the early 1920’s to our re-establishment of the company in 2008, a lot of history has been lost to time.  With that said, we do have a lot in our company archives that can assist you in your research.  Below is a sample of what we have. 


Selig Polyscope Company and its People

  • Film stills and photographs
  • Digital images of posters
  • Advertisements
  • Scripts and original stories
  • News articles and original film reviews


All the Selig films in their original state are in the public domain.  Our mission has been to get copies of original Selig films, restoring them and putting them in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) format for theatrical and film festival exhibitions.  If you have any questions, need to locate films, or want to partner with us on a film in an archive, please reach out to us.  In some cases, we will do the restoration in a partnership.  Reach out to us for details. 

Colonel Willaim N. Selig and Family

Colonel Selig lived to 84 years old, living a full life with his wife Mary and building the motion picture business we know today as Hollywood.  In our archive about Colonel Selig we have personal stories, documents, and photographs.  We have been truly fortunate to have a great relationship with the Colonel’s family.  If you need more information about the Colonel, his personal life, or want to contact the Selig family, drop us a line and we will help.

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