Selig Polyscope Company

A Hollywood Original Since 1896

Since 1896, Selig Polyscope Company has been a pioneer in film, from its early days producing silent movies to its current expertise in crafting high-quality Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs). Trusted by filmmakers, festivals, and theaters worldwide, Selig Polyscope utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure your project shines on the big screen, from trailers to feature films.

Our Services

DCP Services

DCI compliant Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) is our signature business. Everything from trailers to features and everything inbetween the Selig Polyscope Company uses the most advanced process available in encoding your project into a studio grade DCP.  With thousands of successful screenings all over the world every year we have become a trusted brand with filmmakers, film festivals and theater managers alike.    

Film Festival Services

With decades of combined of film festival experience the experts at Selig empowers film festivals by providing the tools and years of experience that is needed to have a successful run year after year.  With digital cinema management, DCP encoding, projection services and more we help festivals up their game and bring best-in-class exhibition practices and tools for successful screenings.  Learn why the Selig Polyscope Company has become a trusted partner for film festivals the world over.