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In the world of digital downloads and streaming services we believe that film festivals still and will always play a vital role in our communities and industry for exhibiting new film and talent. Our staff has decades of film festival experience in major film festivals. We work with festivals big and small and even specialty festivals such as Asian, Jewish, and Indian film festivals. We have worked in all areas of the festival including projection, programming, print traffic, photography, media and more. Through the strong partnerships that we have with our festival clients we have saved them tens of thousands of dollars in services and have enabled them to compete with much larger festivals. Don’t take our word for it. Reach out to us today to start a conversation and get references from our festival clients.

Selig Festival Services

Digital Cinema Startup 

A lot of movie theater chains big and small are now charging fees to festivals for screening films that are not in DCP.  This can add up fast over your festival run.  Our team can help you understand digital cinema, DCP and how it can work for your festival.  DCP is the best modern method of projecting films (we love 35mm too) and is within reach for any festival no matter how small or big.  We will custom tailor a plan for your festival to go DCP and cut down the cost of fees.  This plan will include specs to send to your filmmakers, a print traffic plan and an onsite DCP management plan for your festival and venues.     


Digital Cinema Management  

We will work with your programming, print traffic and your venue staff to set up best practices and procedures tailored to your festival on how to handle the world of digital cinema.  We will help you develop procedures and best practices for ingesting and cataloging DCPs, building show flows and how that translates to SPL’s (Show Play List), how to handle mixed media sources during a single screening and how to handle common technical issues as they arise.  We will also help your festival staff to help your filmmakers understand digital cinema and what you need and don’t need from them for their exhibition print.    

Selig can also provide an onsite digital cinema manager on request during the run of your festival. 



We will work with your festival projection staff to help develop best practices and training for digital cinema.  We will train them in how to diagnose and fix the most common projection issues on the spot so you can minimize any problems and downtime.   

Don’t have a projectionist or need an extra projectionist?  No problem!  Selig can also provide projectionists for the run of your festival.  Our skilled projectionists have worked in movie theater chains as projectionist and theater management so we are used to working in all types of theaters and environments.  


DCP Creation 

We can be your festival’s official DCP lab.  We can put your pre-show, ads and festival trailers in DCP format.  We can also help you in assembling your shorts block into one DCP.  All you will need to do is get us the films, the order you want them to run, and we will take care of the rest.  As your festival’s official DCP lab we can offer your filmmakers a deep discount on DCP services.  A benefit you can provide at no cost to you that will make entering your festival more valuable.   


DCP Download Service 

More and more filmmakers, studios and distribution companies are offering DCP download as an option for festivals to go to get the film instead of a physical drive.  By downloading the DCP this saves the festival money in packing and shipping charges.  The downside is that since the DCPs are so large few festivals are able to download the package in a reasonable amount of time.  Here at Selig we are a full fiber studio and are able to download DCPs, test them, and then send them to your festival on one master drive that you will send back after your festival.  This will save the festival hundreds of dollars in packing and shipping costs.    


Red Carpet and Filmmaker Interview Services 

Capturing filmmaker interviews on the red carpet and in a oneonone interview suite is one of the most important things a festival can do to prepare for next years festival.  These interviews can be used to promote your next festival and attract top filmmakers to your festival for years to come.   

The Selig Film News team is one of the best interview teams on the festival circuit today.  Our advantage is having a inhouse research team that can research the films and filmmakers before stepping foot onto the red carpet.  Gone are the days of the questions like “What is your film about?” or “Tell us who you are”.  Our interviewers are movie lovers and professional journalists.  After the festival we will edit the footage and upload them to your site and Selig Film News for maximum exposure.