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DCI Compliant Digital Cinema Packages

Getting a professional DCP (Digital Cinema Package) created for your film is the second most important thing you can do for your film.  More film festivals are now requiring features to be in DCP and will only accept a DCP for festival screenings.  In addition, more movie theaters are now charging extra on top of your theater rental fee if you want to project a non DCP film like a Blu-ray, DVD, ProRes or even VHS. 

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the motion picture industry standard format for exhibition of films worldwide.  We master your film into a DCI compliant digital cinema package (DCP) that can be played in ANY digital cinema ANYWHERE around the world.  If there is ever a problem (which rarely happens) the support team at Selig Polyscope will be there for you and the festival team where your film is being screened.   

What do our clients have us encode into DCP? 

  • Features 
  • Shorts 
  • Trailers 
  • Advertisements  
  • Social Media Card/Static Graphic for special events and screenings 

Our Clients Include 

  • Filmmakers 
  • Film Festivals  
  • Production Companies  
  • Movie Theater Chains 
  • Film Commissions 

Why Trust Selig?

DCI compliant DCP – We use the same process and standards set forth by the industry so your DCP works everywhere in the world. 

Unmatched Quality – Projectionists have told us that our quality is the same or better than any DCP from a major studio.  We use the same processes and human QC checks as the large Hollywood studios.  Our DCPs have played all over the world with thousands of successful screenings and counting. 

Test, Test and Test – After your DCP is created we will test your DCP in house and have one of our techs watch your DCP from start to finish.  If requested we will also test your DCP in the wild at one of our partner theaters.   

Unmatched Experience and Passion – Our employees have over 70 years of combined film festival and movie theater experience.  We know how the industry works so we can guide our clients to success.   

Advice is Free – Your successes is our successes.  We love talking film and are always here for you to give advice and collaborate to make your film’s exhibition on the technical side a success.   

24/7/365 – We work on holidays, weekends, nights and even on Christmas.  No matter where in the world or what day it is, we will always be here to support your DCP. 

Trusted Brand Since 1896 our brand has been trusted in the industry and today has become a gold standard with film festivals and cinemas when it comes to DCPs and digital projection services. 

Questions? Need Help?

Got Questions about the world of DCP and digital cinema?  Drop us a line!  Advice is always FREE.

DCP Pricing

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Tech Specs and Process

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