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You have a lot of time and money invested in your website and it is not bringing in the results you currently want or it once did.  There could be many reasons for this and the web architect team at Selig Polyscope can assist you in making your website work for you again.

One of the main reasons for website redevelopment is that your site was designed years ago and it uses old code and standards that are not used today leaving it slow and unresponsive to you and your clients/customers needs.

The web architect team at Selig Polyscope has developed a special process for website redesign.

Discovery – Our team will sit down with you and discuss your goals for the redevelopment of your website.  We will listen to your wants and needs and in return give you the best advice and plan to move forward.

Analysis – During this period we will analyze the site you want to redevelop.  This includes website code, servers and hosting, traffic history and more.  From this extensive examination we can produce an assessment of the current state of your website.  This assessment will include facts and advice on how to move forward.

Report – After the assessment is done we will present a report to you detailing how we can help you in creating a web development plan.  The redevelopment plan may include social media integration, updated content or even converting your site to a CMS* platform like WordPress.

Design – Our design and web architect team will design you a mock-up of your site.  We will incorporate your existing branding and anything else that is unique to your business.   Also, if there is a CMS template design you are like we will acquire it and customize it to your branding and needs.

Content Creation – If you are just starting out with a new business, launching a new product or need to shake things up a bit, we have you covered.  From copywriters to photographers to video production professionals we can create content for your site and social media outlets.  Need something specialized?  Not to worry, we have a network of professionals we can call on!

Coding – This is where the magic happens.  We will code your site using the latest standards and protocols.  We will do extensive security and performance testing to ensure your site can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization – While our coding team codes your site, our SEO* team is hard at work.  We use the most up-to-date techniques and best practices for SEO.  Our SEO team will work with the Coding team to ensure search engine friendly coding is used on your site.

Launch – When all systems are a “go” and testing is successful we will deploy your site on the live server.  Our team will monitor your site to address any issues that you or your visitors may have.   You can rest assured that any issues that come up will be addressed right then and there, even at 3am or on the weekend.

Analytic and Intelligence – Knowledge is power and we will put that knowledge in your hands.  The key to properly utilizing a website is getting know your visitors and their needs and behaviors.  Our analytic experts will show you how to read and use the data to drive more visitors to your site.  Our analytic team members are true data experts with law enforcement intelligence backgrounds.

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