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Owning a website requires monthly maintenance to keep it current and optimized.  Website maintenance is much more then updating the pictures on a website.  It is about maintaining the integrity and infrastructures that support the website.  This can include the server, mail server, DNS records and SSL certificates to name just a few.

Why is website maintenance important?

  • Monitor security and hacking attempts at the host and website level.
  • Keep your CMS server software such as WordPress and Joomla up-to-date and secure
  • Ensure domain email traffic is secure and operating normally
  • Ensuring the most current “best practices” and protocols are employed for website and search engine optimization so new clients/customers can find you.


The internet is a fast changing medium.  To market your business without a good website maintenance plan will leave you in the dark and customers may not find you when looking for products and services.

We can maintain business websites, personal sites, blogs, intranets, e-commerce sites and everything in-between.  With over 80 years combined experience, if it’s on the web we can maintain it.  Below is a sample of what we can do for you.

Content Updating:

  • Blog writing
  • E-commerce updates
  • Press releases
  • Website content
  • Photos and video

Graphic Production and Editing:

  • Photos
  • Photo editing and touch up
  • Video
  • Video editing


  • Add/remove pages
  • Add/remove content
  • Hosting maintenance
  • Domain maintenance
  • Add features
  • SEO updates
  • Traffic statistics and analytic
  • Contest management

Email Maintenance:

  • Add and remove users
  • Email archiving and compliance management
  • Email newsletter management
  • Add new features
  • 24/7 help desk for your email users

Social Media:

  • Profile setup and updates
  • Content creation
  • Spam monitoring
  • Status updates and content
  • Contest management

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