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The social media experts at Selig Polyscope can help.  With social media being a big part of our lives, consumers are now using social media to research products and services, read and post reviews, and get customer service needs served.  We are not only power users of social media but our special media experts are intimately involved in the social media community in user and development groups.  This gives our clients an advantage.  When a social media platform announces upcoming changes we are already preparing our clients for the change and in many cases we have already beta tested the changes.

Each client will be assigned a social media account manager.   The social media account manager will be directly reasonable for the social media campaign, keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and advise you on what actions will best improve your social media outlets.  When Facebook introduced timelines for Facebook pages we helped our clients tap into the power of the timeline.  With Selig Polyscope Company, we used Facebook’s timelines to showcase our 117 year history, everything from silent films or the re-establishment of the company in 2008.

Here is what you can expect from our Social Media Team:

Social Account Setup and Design – Your social media account manager will set up your social media account and work with our social media design team to design your social media profile.  The social media team will make sure all of your business information is displayed and correct.  We will also link your website to your social media accounts so your website can publish content on your social media site and vice versa.

Custom Profile Graphics – Our design team will create custom graphics for your social media profile.  This can include backgrounds, banner graphics and profile pictures.   We will include any branding and logos required.

Content Posting – We will post your content for you so it can reach a broad audience and turn followers into customers.  All you need to do is send your content to us and we will do the rest.  This can be pictures, videos, status messages, coupons and more.   If you want to be able to post your own content, no worries!  We will train you and help you set up the means to do so.

Geo-Social Marketing – We will help you promote your business, services and goods on mobile social media sites.  We will help you manage check-ins and help you reach new customers who are mobile and searching for goods and services.

Analytic and Traffic Monitoring – We will monitor your social media profiles and help you drive traffic to your business.  We can tell you what is working and what is not working.


Social Media Training

After your social media platform is built by our experts, do you want to manage it on your own?  No problem!  Our social media team can train you and your staff on how to be successful in using social media to build your business.   For medium and large size companies we can even build you a social media team.

Live Events

Participating in or organizing a conference, live event or festival?  We can help you with your social media plan to cover your event on multiple social media platforms.  This can include promotions and contests before the event.  During the event we can cover you through status updates, photos, video and live webcasting.

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