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The internet is the modern day equivalent to the Old West.  Like the early settlers during the 1889 Oklahoma land rush you need to claim your presence on the internet.   To be successful and stand out in today’s business world you need a well designed website and social media plan to stay ahead in the game.  The web development team at Selig Polyscope can help you create that plan and execute it.

The web architect team at Selig Polyscope has over 50 years of combined experience.  We deliver!


Our Design Process

Discovery and Planning – During this phase of the process we will meet with you to determine your needs and learn about you and your business.  You will meet with a web architect and a member of our creative team to go over the design, functionality and requirements of your website.   We will explain the different platforms used to design your site and help you pick the best platform.

Acquisition and Logistics – If you don’t have a domain and or hosting we will help you acquire both.  We have many relationships with hosting companies so we can find you the best solution at the best price.  We will also work with you determine the best approach for such important pieces of your business as email, file sharing, online fax, and more.

Design – Our design and web architect team will design you a mock up of your site.  We will incorporate your existing branding and anything else that is unique to your business.   Also, if there is a CMS template design you are in love with we will acquire it and customize it to your branding and needs.

Content Creation – If you are just starting out on a new business, launching a new product or need to shake things up a bit we have you covered.  From copywriters to photographers to video production professionals we can create you content for your site and social media outlets.  Need something specialized?  Not to worry, we have a network of professional that we can call on!

Coding – This is where the magic happens.  We will code your site using the latest standards and protocols.  On top of that we will do extensive security and performance testing to make sure your site can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization –  While our coding team codes your site our SEO team is hard at work.  We use the most up to date techniques and best practices for SEO.  Our SEO team will work with the Coding team to ensure search engine friendly coding is used on your site.

Launch – When all systems are a go and testing is suessful we will deploy your site on the live server.  Our team will monitor your site to address any issues that you or your visitors may have.   You can rest assure that any issues that do come up they will be addressed right then and there.  Even at 3am or on the weekend.

Analytics and Intelligence – Knowledge is power and we will put that knowledge in your hands.  The key to a successful website is knowing your visitors and behaviors.  Our analytics experts will show you how to read and use the data to drive more visitors to your site.  Your will gain so much knowledge from our analytic team as they are true data experts with law enforcement intelligence backgrounds.




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