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web design conceptWe deliver everything you need to get your business online and up and running.  Our goal is to take the stress out of launching your business in a highly competitive internet marketplace.  Our web architecture and development team have been designing websites since the mid 90’s.  As a matter of fact our senior architect started to design websites when he was 12 years old!

Selig Polyscope Company offers a full line of web development solutions to fit every need and every business.  We are internet power users who keep on top of the latest internet trends and best practices.  Whether you are needing a new website, have a website that needs a makeover or need your own personal webmaster, the team at Selig Polyscope has the right solution.


In addition to our services we also offer specialized web services such as:

  • Google Apps (setup and administration)
  • Email Server Setup and Deployment
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Intranet Design and Deployment
  • RSS Feed Design
  • Email List Design and Management
  • Webcasting (in-studio or live on location)

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