100 Years Ago: Selig Movie Flyer

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100 Years Ago: Selig Movie Flyer

100 years ago this week the Selig Movie Special left Northwestern Station in Chicago.  On July, 8th 1915, Selig Polyscope Company charted a private train to be known as The Selig Movie Special (sometimes referred to as the Selig Movie Flyer) to take theater owners and industry people from Chicago to the National League of Motion Picture Exhibitor’s conference in San Francisco.  The cost for the round trip was $128.00 for a 17 day trip.  This included the train ride, hotels and the stops the train made along the way.  Some of the sights that passengers saw along the way were the Grand Canyon, Pikes Peak, Denver, silver mines, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco.  They also toured the Selig Polyscope West Coast Studios and Selig Zoo. 

This week we will be showing you trade ads and pictures from and about the trip on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.    

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