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Established in 1896, and reestablished in 2008, The Selig Polyscope Company provides creative, professional and cinematic services for business, organizations and the motion picture industry.


About The Selig Polyscope Company

The Selig Polyscope Company is a 120-year-old motion picture company that was reestablished to bring world-class high quality creative, digital and professional services to those who need them. We are more than a motion picture studio, more than just a web design agency and more than a business that provides photography services. We capture life’s moments with world-class photography and video imaging and then help you bring those images to the world via your website and social media complete with the best-in-class search engine optimization (SEO).

We are a full service studio that provides business consulting services in the field of film, video and motion pictures. Our comprehensive solutions get your business, message, organization and production to worldwide audiences. We do this with unparalleled experience, expertise, service and support from our team of dedicated professionals who want to help you achieve your goals and successes.

Selig at a Glance

  • We specialize in web design and development for small/medium-sized businesses, organizations, talent and the motion picture industry.
  • Experienced Professionals.  We are experienced and seasoned professionals in our areas of expertise.  Photography, Web Design, Film Production or Cinematic services.  You will find  we bring unparalleled expertise and passion for your project.
  • Under one roof.  We are a full service studio with everything you need to make your project successful.  We also have a large network of resources for unusual requests.
  • Specialized Services.  We offer specialized services such as helping film festivals and movie theaters with programming Indian Cinema.  We have connections which truly circle the globe.  Tell us what you need and let us see if we can assist you!
  • Film Sets.  We provide still photography and behind-the-scenes video on film sets.  We can also provide video interviews for your DVD release or Indiegogo/Kickstarter campaigns.
  • Film Premieres and Film Festivals.  We assist film producers produce world-class film premiere red carpets, providing red carpet photography and video interviews.  We can provide these same services for film festivals.  We post the images and interviews online within hours of the event, complete with world-class SEO to get your event out to the maximum audience possible!
  • Events and Parties.  Let us provide the photographic services to document your event.  Our images will be perfect to send to social media outlets to help you promote your event and organization!
  • Head shots.  Let us provide you with amazing headshots for your website and promotional materials!



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